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Hello, my name is Judy Goode and I am the owner of Goode’s Cleaning Services, Inc. founded June 2004. We are a Christian based firm. Our level of integrity is extremely high. We know that God is always watching us. Our Love for Christ sets us apart and that’s why we don't cut corners we clean them.

I’ve been married to Andy for 54 years, we have a lovely daughter, four grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. For 34 years, I spent my career as a Wall Street Computer Director, managing over 30 employees. After nine eleven, I was scared to commute into the city,  so my husband Andy and I decided to retire. We sold our home in 2003 and moved to this beautiful sunny state of Florida. For one full year we perfected the art of doing nothing and that sure was a lot of fun. However, it was time to make the doughnuts and we knew that we wanted to do something together. So we opened up Goode’s Cleaning Services. We now have over twenty employees and we service over 208 homes and 30 offices. 




In 2008, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce nominated our cleaning company Small Business Leader of the Year. Our company provides service Weekly, Bi–Weekly, Monthly or just on an as needed bases for our residential and commercial customers. We are insured and ready to make your place of business or beautiful home shine.

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